How do I write a website listing?

We won't publish straightforward sales or promotional copy on linkdoozer. Our readers want a brief but insightful summary of what a website is about. Spend some time reading reviews on similar websites to get a feel for how we show content.

It may help to break up your content into separate sections:

  1. Talk about what the website is or does
  2. Why is this useful or interesting?
  3. What are its main features?
  4. Who, in particular, might enjoy this site, or find it useful?

If you are really stuck, then we would be happy to create your entire listing from scratch for an additional $50. Please ensure you pay $99.99 (1 year listing) + $50 (custom review) = $149.99.

You'll need to provide us with the site's name and URL once you have made payment. You can email us using the contact page.